Services Urban Forestry Management Plans / GIS

Campuses, golf courses, greenbelts, HOAs, street trees… We offer a variety of mapping and planning services to provide data assessments and functional visuals to help people manage their green spaces. GIS mapping offers simplified tracking and helps customers manage trees with both short-term and long-term forest health in mind.

The data set can include individual tree value and condition, or canopy assessments at the forest level (including species and age-class diversity). These maps help landscape committees and boards manage tree risk short-term, and forest health for the future. Our long-term management plans include a visual database on a GIS platform that all residents and constituents can access, and can be updated with work priorities and when tree work has been completed.

Tree Solutions also offers tree-related policy development and implementation services. We can be a valuable adjunct to your planning team, by assisting surveyors in completing accurate tree surveys, and by working with architects and engineers to meet environmental standards and ordinances.

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