Services Treatments

Our WSDA-licensed applicators are experts in Plant Health Care. Chemicals are only one of the tools in our belt and we will only recommend it if it is the right course of treatment. Air excavation, soil decompaction, irrigation auditing, and environmental controls: we’ll work with you to develop the right management plan for your unique situation.

Insects & Pathogens

We can treat trees for aphids, mites, scale, bronze birch borer, cherry bark tortrix, Dutch elm disease, phytophthora, armillaria, and others.

Plant Growth

We can apply micro and macronutrient enhancements to encourage plant growth. We can also help control tree height by applying plant growth regulators which can reduce leaf size, shoot elongation, wood production and in some cases, eliminate flowers and seed/nut production.

Root Exploration

An Air Spade, or Air Knife, is a non-invasive tool that uses pressurized air to excavate around root systems. We work with external companies that use this device to locate roots, uncover hidden issues and incorporate amendments into the existing soil.

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