Choosing your Tree

Lecture at World Treehouse Conference 2017.
with Scott Baker and Michael Garneir

Lecture on Tree Biology

Lecture at World Treehouse Conference 2014.
by Scott Baker

Raising Walkways to Save Trees
Petter, Josh 1.1.2023 (PNW-ISA | TREES: Winter 2023, p21-23)

Invasive Plants
Baker, Scott 03.2012 (City Trees: March 2012 issue)

Sustainable Sites Initiative greens the landscape
Dugan, Sean 3.25.2010

Making room for trees in the urban landscape
Baker, Scott 4.09.2009

How to Keep Development from Killing Trees: Some Things Architects Need to Know
Baker, Scott 11.20.03

Tree Biology

Ecosystems of the North Cascades
Baker, Scott 1.1.2023 (PNW-ISA | TREES: Winter 2023, p38-39)

Dr. Ed Gillman’s Pruning: University of Florida

Shigo and Trees Associates: Tree Information by Dr. Alex Shigo

Center for Urban Forest Research: US Forest Service

The Do’s and Don’ts of planting new trees
Baker, Scott 04.22.004

Evaluating and working with High Risk Trees
Bruestle, Sara 03.2012
March 14, 2012 The Mukilteo Beacon (

Wood Salvage and Re-Use

Urban Hardwoods

Meyer Wells

City Trees Furniture

Ideas to re-use wood on site before it gets removed

Wildlife snag specifications


Fungi Perfecti LLC: Gourmet Mushrooms

Solvita: Soil, compost, and garden test kits

Soil Food Web Inc: Soil microbe testing


Center for Urban Horticulture: UW Botanic Gardens

UW School of Forest Resources: Lectures open to the public

South Seattle College

Lake Washington Technical College

Edmonds College

Islandwood: Islandwood Outdoor Learning Center — Bainbridge Island, WA


Finca BellaVista: A tree house community – Costa Rica


Alliance for Community Trees

WA Community Forestry Council

Arborday Foundation

Forterra: Formerly Cascade Land Conservancy; partnering with local agencies to keep cities forested

Washington Park Arboretum / University of WA Botanic Gardens

King County Conservation District

Green Seattle Partnership: Local projects to involve the public in keeping Seattle forested

Urban and Community Forestry Program : WA State Department of Natural Resources

Plant Amnesty: Residential pruning resources


Municipal Research and Services Roster (MRSR): Direct access to any WA state municipality code