High Point Housing Redevelopment

Tree Retention and Landscape Committee
Seattle, WA

High Point is a 50-acre site uniquely re-developed by Seattle Housing Authority in 2000 to create a diverse mixed-income community built with low-impact design. Over 100 mature trees were retained on this multi-year project, and Tree Solutions Inc was key to tree preservation efforts.  We coordinated with both planners and general contractors in the office and on site to confirm specifications were relevant, protections were implemented, and tree preservation was a priority during each step of the way…  planning, demolition, abatement, grading, infrastructure, construction, landscape. We provided essential supervision when excavation occurred within root zones, developed temporary irrigation plans and provided tree clearance pruning specifications.   

Tree management doesn’t stop with construction. We have continued to collaborate with the High Point HOA landscape committee since project completion, providing bi-annual health and risk assessments, tree injections, and a monitoring schedule.

This project has been a success! Twenty years later, this green-built site continues to have healthy mature trees throughout the site, providing all of the ecological and mental health benefits that come from a healthy, urban forest integrated with dense housing.