Charlie Vogelheim


Charlie is an arborist and project manager who works on tree retention and construction sites, as well as critical slopes and native growth protection areas. His experience includes restoration and stewardship of forests and wetlands. He is passionate about community forestry, which includes nurturing healthy urban forests, resident engagement, and accessible (and equitable) green spaces.  

Outside of work Charlie enjoys cooking for friends, learning new crafts, seeking out swimming holes, and planning multi-modal treks across the region.


BS in Environmental Sciences
(University of Notre Dame 2009)

MS in Environment and Natural Resources
(University of Wyoming 2015)

Certificate in Wetland Science and Management
(University of Washington 2017)

Masters Certificate in Ecological Restoration and Reclamations
(University of Wyoming 2015)

Licenses and Certifications

  • ISA Certified Arborist PN-9375A
  • ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor (TRAQ)
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