Seattle Pacific University

Campus Inventory and Risk Management
Seattle, WA

Tree Solutions Inc. has provided on-call consulting services on the Seattle Pacific University campus for over 15 years, helping to retain some of the most unique tree specimens in the region. Services have included routine risk assessments, and a comprehensive GIS tree inventory from which we developed a campus tree management plan and risk mitigation strategy. We have performed advanced testing on large city and state champion trees on this campus, including aerial inspections, micro-resistance drill testing, and statics integrated assessment (“Pull”) testing.  

During planning and construction of capital projects, the Tree Solutions Inc team assessed site plans, prepared tree protection plans and specifications, performed pneumatic root crown excavation and provided monitoring during construction. 

The Seattle Pacific University 44-acre campus is a collection of historic and exceptional trees, and has earned awards for this distinction. The grounds contain some of the largest American elm (Ulmus americana), Bolleana poplar (Populus alba) and Valley oak (Quercus lobata) trees in Seattle.